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8-week 1:1 Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery program

  • 8-week HA Recovery Program

    Valid for 3 months
    • 8 week 1:1 program
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Female Fertility
Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery

Accessible from anywhere

All you need to start your Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery journey is internet access

You can start the program at any time

You can start your Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery journey whenever it suits you

Hybrid approach

The 8-week Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery program offers the perfect combination between standardized approach and individualization tailored after your unique needs

24/7 access to support

During the Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery-program you have access to written support 24-7.

Linnea, 33,
Växjö, Sweden

“I don't think I could have managed Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery on my own. Elina helped me identify things to change that I wasn't even aware of myself. I felt her compassion and it helped a lot that she could relate to what I went through"

Jessie, 28,
Vienna, Austria

"Elina had a scientific explanation to everything I was experiencing throughout Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery. Being a scientist myself this helped me to dare to trust the process."

Bea, 35,

“Working with Elina literally changed my life. Without her support, I wouldn't have regained my period, and then I wouldn't be a mum. I would recommend anyone suffering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea to get Elina’s support”

Georgana, 26,
Sofia, Bulgaria

““What I liked the most about working with Elina was her flexible approach. Instead of a one size fits all solution she really listened to me and my needs and created a plan tailored for me”


My name is Elina

If you are missing your period due to under-fueling, over exercising and/or stress I am here to help you heal. I have a deep knowledge that I combine with an actionable approach to help you recover your period. I have helped many women recover from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, restore their Female Fertility and achive  Food Freedom.  

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HA Recovery

What is Hypothalamic Amenorrhea?

Are you unsure if HA is the root cause behind your missing period? Click on the link below to learn more about what Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is, what the symptoms are, how it is diagnosed and how you recover from it.

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