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I'm Elina. I currently live in a little village just outside of Vienna, Austria, together with my husband and two sons. Originally I am from Sweden. 

If you are struggling with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, missing periods and/or a complicated relationship with food and exercise, I really feel you. I have been there myself and know how overwhelming, scary and lonely it can be. Throughout Hypothalamic Amenorrhea recovery, I have collected a lot of knowledge and tools that I am excited to share with you to make your recovery less hard and more speedy.

I am an experienced coach specialized in Hypothalamic Amenorrhea, Food Freedom, Female Fertility, and Women´s Health. In my 8-week 1:1 Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Recovery Program I help guide you back to your period, whether it’s been missing for months or years. I don’t believe in one-size fits all, so in our sessions I will help you create an actionable plan that fits with your needs. I use a science-backed, holistic approach to help you make peace with your body and mind

About Me - HA Recovery Coach
Mother and Baby

to regain your period in 8 weeks

What is Hypothalamic Amenorrhea?

Are you unsure if HA is the root cause behind your missing period? Click on the link below to learn more about what Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is, what the symptoms are, how it is diagnosed and how you recover from it.

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