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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

With roots dating back over 2,500 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) represents a profound and enduring aspect of Chinese culture and healing practices. Throughout its long history, TCM has evolved and adapted to changing times, demonstrating its resilience and continued relevance in modern healthcare. Today, it is increasingly recognized and embraced in various parts of the world as an alternative or complementary approach to conventional Western medicine. So what does Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have to do with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA)? Let’s dive in to some of the concepts:

Depleted Energy (Qi)

Symptoms: Tiredness, fatigue, feeling cold, bloated after eating, weak immune system.

Western Medicine Counterpart: Low blood pressure, under-active thyroid, chronic fatigue syndrome.

How to treat it: Eating cooked foods that are of strong energy such as cooked (baked, boiled, roasted or sauteed) root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beets, celeriac, parsnips and ginger.

Avoid: Cold foods & drinks, excessive workouts.

Blood Deficiency

Symptoms: Tiredness, dizziness, brittle nails, dull dry hair or hair loss, scanty or short period (2 days), no periods.

Western Medicine Counterpart: Anaemia, amenorrhea, chronic fatigue syndrome.

How to treat it: Exercising moderately, getting plenty of rest, eating beef bone broth, green leafy vegetables and red foods (dates, goji berries, berries, beetroot).

Avoid: Bikram yoga, excessive sweating.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

For both Depleted Energy and Blood Deficiency, TCM recommends doing modifications such as

  • consuming energy-rich and blood-nourishing foods

  • avoiding excessive workouts

Both proper nutrition and rest are essential when recovering from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea. Hence, these TCM recommendations align with the idea that overexercising can deplete energy reserves and negatively impact your cycle.

In my view, these Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, that have been refined and passed down through generations, is a furhter proof that eating more and resting less indeed will lead to an improve health if you suffer from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea.

It underscores the importance of addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying imbalances in the body for long-term health hormonal balance, and the restoration of a regular menstrual cycle.



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