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Birth preparation made easy: Your weekly plan for birth readiness

Birth preparation made easy: Your weekly plan for birth readiness

Birth preparation made easy: Your weekly plan for birth readiness. The last weeks of pregnancy are both thrilling and demanding. Your body is gearing up intensely for the impending birth, and there are myriad ways to facilitate this process. In this comprehensive guide to birth preparation, you'll discover the steps you can take in the final weeks of pregnancy to prime yourself optimally for delivery. From perineal massages to acupuncture, to special teas and dietary supplements, I'll walk you through each week, detailing how to best ready your body for childbirth.


Week 34: Perineal Massage (3-4 times a week, 5-10 minutes)


What it does for your body:

Perineal massage aids in stretching the tissue in the perineum, the area between the vagina and anus, making it more elastic. This can diminish the likelihood of perineal tears or the need for an episiotomy during labor.


How to do it:

Utilize a natural oil like almond or wheat germ oil. Find a comfortable seated or reclined position and gently massage the perineum with your thumbs or index fingers, applying light pressure and gradually stretching the tissue outward and downward. Begin with 5 minutes and gradually extend to 10 minutes.


Week 35: Acupuncture


What it does for your body:

Acupuncture aids in preparing the body for labor by harmonizing the flow of energy, enhancing blood circulation, and reducing stress. Research suggests it may shorten labor duration and decrease the need for pain medication.


How to do it:

Seek acupuncture from a skilled and experienced therapist who will insert fine needles into specific acupuncture points on your body to achieve desired effects.



What it does for your body:

Birth preparation teas typically blend herbs like raspberry leaves, lady's mantle, nettle, and cinnamon, which can tone the uterus, ready it for birth, and strengthen muscles.


How to do it:

Consume two cups of birth preparation tea daily, beginning in week 35 of pregnancy, following the instructions on the package meticulously.


Week 36: 6 Dates a Day


What it does for your body:

Consuming dates daily from week 36 of pregnancy can yield remarkable benefits for birth preparation and labor progression. Studies have shown that pregnant women who eat dates daily from 36 weeks of pregnancy may experience the following benefits:


  • Natural onset of labor: 96% of women who consume dates experience a natural, spontaneous onset of labor, compared to 79% who do not consume dates.

  • Greater cervical dilation: Upon admission for labor, the average cervical dilation is 3.52 cm for women who have consumed dates, compared to 2.02 cm for those who have not.

  • Intact amniotic sac: 83% of women who eat dates have an intact amniotic sac, compared to 60% in the control group.

  • Reduced need for labor-inducing drugs: Only 28% require labor-inducing drugs, compared to 47% of those who do not consume dates.

  • Shorter first stage of labor: The latent phase is reduced to an average of 510 minutes, compared to 906 minutes for women who do not consume dates.


How does it work?

The positive effects of dates on the body and the birth process can be explained by several mechanisms:


  • Messengers: Dates contain substances important for the body's production of prostaglandins.

  • Serotonin: Dates contain serotonin, which can promote the contraction of smooth muscles.

  • Hormones: Consuming dates can influence the production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

  • Muscle receptivity: Dates enhance the uterine muscles' receptivity to the body's own hormones, such as oxytocin.


How to do it:

Consume six dates a day, either plain or as part of smoothies, snacks, or other dishes. Ensure you choose high-quality dates for the best health benefits.


Week 36: Evening Primrose Oil Capsules


What it does for your body:

Evening primrose oil, rich in gamma-linolenic acid, can facilitate cervical ripening, easing the labor process.


How to do it:

Take one capsule (mg) orally or vaginally in the morning and another (500 mg) in the evening, or insert two capsules vaginally before bedtime to enhance local cervical effects.


Week 37: 1 tablespoon of Ground Flax-seed


What it does for your body:

Ground flax-seed, abundant in Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, positively affects mucous membranes, particularly in the intestines and vaginal area, potentially promoting labor.


How to do it:

Sprinkle a tablespoon of ground flaxseed over yogurt, muesli, salads, or blend it into smoothies for consumption.


Week 38: Additional Evening Primrose Oil Capsule


What it does for your body:

Continuing evening primrose oil supplementation supports cervical ripening and may positively impact labor progression.


How to do it:

In addition to previous doses, take another capsule (500 mg) of evening primrose oil orally in the evening.


Week 38: Discontinue Magnesium Intake


What it does for your body:

Magnesium relaxes muscles, potentially preventing premature contractions. However, it's advisable to cease intake just before birth, as overly relaxed muscles could impede contractions.


How to do it:

Cease all magnesium-containing dietary supplements and consult your healthcare provider if uncertain.




Birth preparation made easy: Your weekly plan for birth readiness. The final weeks of pregnancy are crucial for preparing for birth. Through targeted methods like perineal massages, acupuncture, date consumption, and evening primrose oil supplementation, you can adequately equip your body for childbirth, ensuring a healthy and positive experience.


Always consult with your healthcare provider before adopting new practices to ensure suitability for you and your baby. Wishing you a healthy and empowering birth journey!



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